SRO Tyson Nielsen holding SRO of the Year Award next to USD 490 Police Chief Kurt Spivey
Students with their crazy socks in a circle
Kansans Can Success Tour logo blue circle with white text "Kansans Can Lead the World Success! Tour"
Sunflower Summer with yellow triangles arched above
Student holding a sign that says, "Kindness is being yourself and being respectful to others."
green circle with PLTW Launch Distinguished School 2020-21
"The Kansas Board of Regents - 1925" around a nine-pointed yellow star
Isabelle Haahr - smiling girl in red tank top
EHS students and art teachers standing next to the completed mural of an oil derrick, oil pump and the El Dorado sign and a banner that says "150 years strong - 2021"
track starting line with numbers one through six
What is kindness? with USD 490 logo - El Dorado Public Schools in a black oval with a red and black star at the top