Butler County 911

This message comes from Butler County Emergency Management and includes Clowns!


September is National Preparedness Month, and we’ve been trying to think of a novel topic to share with you… something beyond the same-old-same-old mantra of “make a plan, build a kit.”  And we’ve come up with something:  Reverse 911!  

There are times when the tables turn and 911 needs to call YOU, instead of the other way around.  Imagine a large wildfire is growing out of control and officials are recommending an evacuation area that includes your house.  Or an armed suspect was last spotted running toward your neighborhood, and the police department is encouraging everyone in your area to lock down. Or even more frightening:  Clowns are rampaging across the county and they’re headed your way.  After the fact, you learn that your neighbor got a call from 911 about a Clown sighting on your street… but your phone’s call log is blank.  It turns out that your neighbor signed her cell phone up for Butler County’s Reverse 911 notifications.  In an emergency, 911 dispatchers can push out notifications specifically to folks inside a “danger zone.”  In the old days of land lines, they could acquire a file of phone numbers from the phone company.  But in today’s world of cell phones, you need to enroll (or “opt in”) your phone number in order to get those notifications.  If you want to ensure you receive Clown Alerts (or notification of other slightly more likely threats impacting your area), visit the county’s website for registration information:  https://www.bucoks.com/205/Reverse-9-1-1-Self-Registration.