United Way

Last year, Tiffani Herrman, the director of the United Way of El Dorado, was invited to speak to the National Honor Society students. During her oration, she mentioned that you can go to their website and and sign up for a recurring donation. Annabelle Wise, a student at El Dorado High School, works at a local restaurant and decided that she wanted to give some of her earnings. So Annabelle signed up! When Tiffani was going through her donations she discovered one that she didn’t recognize. After doing some investigating, she discovered that it was Annabelle, one of the NHS students that she had spoken to. Annabelle was very humble when it came to being recognized and does not want to be spotlighted, but she does want others to know that anyone can donate. It doesn’t have to be a recurring donation, but every little bit helps.

Pictured: Erin Nichols, EHS Principal; Annabelle Wise; Tiffani Herrman, Director of the United Way of El Dorado