Brittany Hartman wins Golden Apple award from KAKE

Grandview fifth grade teacher Brittany Hartman was awarded a KAKE Golden Apple Award for making a positive difference in our schools. The Golden Apple Award program gives local teachers community-wide recognition for the creative ways they support, motivate and encourage a lifetime of learning, in and out of the classroom.

The announcement will be featured on KAKE's five o'clock news on Oct. 18, and can be viewed online on their website:

Ms. Hartman was nominated twice for the award. Once by a student, and once by a parent. She will receive classroom supplies and a trophy to commemorate the award.

“Ms.Hartman has been an amazing teacher to our son, Maddox! Before we moved to El Dorado from Derby Maddox was so shy and timid when he was at school. We have seen a total change in Maddox the last 2 years. He loves going to school every day has come out of his shell. My husband and I have seen a 110% difference in Maddox and it makes me the happiest momma in the world! He loves knowing that going to school can be FUN while learning at the same time!!! We’ve never been happier! Ms. Hartman deserves to be recognized for how amazing she really is! She definitely enjoys her kids and enjoys her job!!!! She’s made a huge difference in our son! I don’t know what we are going to go without her next year! I’d pay all the money in the world to have her teach my kids throughout all their years, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, so I’m nominating her for the Golden Apple award!” – Crystal Riley, Parent

“She is nice, has a great humor personality.” – Dakota Simmons, student