Partners in Education Foundation, Inc. (PIE), is proud to announce the 2024 scholarship awards for El Dorado High School graduates. We are awarding about $20,000 in scholarships, plus 64 hours of tuition/fees, etc. for Butler Community College, bringing this year’s future support to almost $25,000.

These forty-two scholarship awards come from thirty-two endowed funds specifically set up for scholarships. They join the other endowed funds for a combination of over eighty-two endowments, plus a dozen restricted cash accounts that will benefit the El Dorado school system by almost $100,000 this school year.

Awardees for the PIE scholarships that are related to the area of study are: Mackenzie Powers -Larry Parsons Scholarship, Jordann Kohman- Teresa Riedinger Science Scholarship, Josh Clerkin- Bill Thompson Trade Scholarship, Devan Masters and Cameron Fry- Tim Underwood Memorial Scholarship.

Awardees for the PIE scholarships related to sports participation are: Jordann Kohman–Austin/Fowler Golf Scholarship, Keylee Faudere- Galen and Dorothy Blackmore Memorial Scholarship, Trinity Motter- Bailey Brush Memorial Scholarship, Keylee Faudere and Logan Garner were awarded EHS Boosters Scholarship and the Ron Kopenhaver Memorial Scholarship, Cole Eaton-Darrin Morrison Memorial Scholarship, Logan Garner-Charlie Myers Memorial Award, Quinn Houseman and Cole Rickard-Brock Poe Outstanding Student Athlete Scholarship, Cole Eaton-Charles Silver Memorial Athletic Scholarship.

Awardees for the PIE scholarships related to Outstanding student citizens: Mackenzie Powers-Becky Breese Memorial Scholarship, Sarah Hawthrone- Bruce and Sue Givens Inclusive Education Scholarship, Trenton Todd and Sarah Hawthrone- Lillian Benson / Larry McSpadden awards, Trenton Todd- Steve Smith Memorial Scholarship, Keylee Faudere- Nancy Myers Inspirational Student Award, Jordann Kohmann- Sungroup Community Pride Scholarship, Keylee Faudere and Sean Kagle- K.T. Wiedeman Trust Scholarship, Boston Hasting-Lorna Holmes Memorial Scholarship.

Awardees for the PIE scholarships related to high academic achievement are: Cole Rickard-Orlin.E. Bonecutter Memorial Scholarship. The Suma Cum Laude students; Keylee Faudere, Quinn Houseman, Conner Ramsey, Cole Ricard, Sean Kagle, Abigail Vail, and Cheyenne Jones were awarded the Myrrl Houck Memorial Scholarship.

Awardees for the PIE scholarships for a designated college are: Jadon Crosley- Jerry Coonrod Memorial Scholarship, Cale Burnett-Ramon and Betty Criss Scholarship, Jadon Crosley- Bonnie and Dale Satterthwaite Memorial Scholarship, Conner Ramsey- Mick Wiley Memorial Scholarship.

Awardees for the PIE scholarship related to music participation are: Avery Baker and Jack Christy- Tayor Davidson Memorial Scholarship, Avery Baker- Chase Ludewick Memorial Scholarship.

Congratulations to all the EHS graduates that have proven they can make it through extraordinary challenges and succeed.

Partners In Education Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation established in 1989 to enhance the educational opportunities for the students of USD 490. For more information contact Rod Blackburn, Development Director at, 316.322.4800. Or visit our website: